¿Cuánto cuesta la casa de tus sueños?

You have a very clear idea of what your ideal house is like: a big, bright, wooden or concrete house, with a nice garden … How much does it cost to make your dream come true? Try it on now and let yourself be surprised.

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The recommended size for the garage is 15m² per car.
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The limit is up to you! Addomo houses are fully adapted to the needs and tastes of our clients.

How are the Addomo houses?

With the system patented by Addomo for the construction of concrete and wood houses we have tried to democratize the architecture to create more affordable, high quality design homes. Our houses adjust to the preferences of our customers and to the environment in which they are located.

Alzado casas prefabricadas

All of our products have a common base: their ecological design with an group A energy certification because of characteristics such as their great capacity of acoustic and thermal insulation, which keeps them warm in winter and cool in summer; and their waterproof flat roofs that can take advantage of the rain water and use it, for instance, to irrigate.

Why Addomo?

Because we know what our customers are looking for: the highest quality at the best price. Our construction system requires little manpower so most of the budget of the house will go to the materials. This allows an Addomo home to have a much higher level of quality than any other for the same price or less.


75 happy clients friends

We have built the dream home of more than 75 clients. We have dedicated a lot of time to know their concerns, their needs and their tastes. A time share in which we have also become friends. Thanks to these friendships, we know new clients that continue to grow the Addomo family. And although we are a large family, we want to continue growing, meeting new friends and making their dream home come true.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our construction system is fast because we work with prefabricated concrete or wood elements, depending on the type of Addomo system we use. Once they are ready, our team of professionals gears them on the ground in a very short time. This system also implies a substantial reduction of the environmental impact, since hardly any waste is generated.

Addomo houses are built very quickly so they require very little labor. While in traditional construction, labor accounts for 70% of the budget, in our system for less you get more quality because most of the investment goes to materials.

Yes, as long as that land is legally authorized for construction. We can help you if you need information.

Yes, totally. They offer continuous waterproofing with very good results. In our construction system we use sheets in EPDM, which are tires of brands like Firestone or Giscosa that offer us a 20 year warranty on the product. This is a much better guarantee than the traditional construction covers (only a 3 year guarantee).