Modular House. Tree-top Cabin. Cabanas do Barranco

We received the commission of a singular hotel intervention with independent apartments in an empty area of Ousesende. A spontaneous and heterogeneous forest had leaked above the plot result of the rough topography and the gradual abandonment of this type of areas.
At global level, It was made an initial approach to the plot from its section. We get first spots looming us to different edges and making the surrounding plots of our property, freeing up space and looking for the intimacy of each building without giving up a surprising perspective, between the branches, on the mouth of the Tines river, Barbanza, Tremuzo and A Pena mounts, and the source of the Muros-Noia estuary.
On a second level, are formally defined the different buildings as well as its implementation according to the capricious evolution of different species, looking for gaps between its branches, conditioned by its origins, its present and its future.
A third level, defines the supports for the light wooden structures without damaging the roots of different trees which are integrated, the heights and the accesses of the different buildings are also defined , looking for blurring the line between building and environment, natural and artificial.
The intervention is made with an elaborate constructive wood system which determines finishes and proportions, using recycled wood which accelerate the natural integration of the whole.